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Police: Woman safe after bullet struck car on south side

A bullet struck a woman's car, entering one window and exiting another Friday afternoon, according to police.

Police said officers were dispatched to a possible weapons offense in the 1800 block of S. Park Street. at 1:17 p.m. A woman traveling southbound escaped what could have been serious injury after a bullet struck her car.

Officers believe the woman was not the intended target, and there may have been a dispute between occupants of two other vehicles on the road.

According to police, witnesses said the two other vehicles were traveling at high speeds at the time of the shooting.

The woman suffered minor cuts from flying glass after the bullet struck her car.

Madison considers future restrictions of tobacco, vaping businesses

The city of Madison is considering an ordinance that would restrict the future locations of stores that primarily sell tobacco products and vaping supplies and paraphernalia.

The ordinance is currently being looked at by the city planning commission, and as it is currently written would apply to businesses where 20 percent or more of its display area is for the sale of tobacco products, vaping supplies or paraphernalia.

Businesses falling into that category would be restricted from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, day care centers, health care facilities or residences. They would also be restricted from opening within 500 feet of other tobacco retailers.

Businesses falling into that category that are currently operating would be allowed to stay open and would be grandfathered in under the new ordinance. Those businesses could be sold to a new owner and continue to operate as long as there is not a 12-month gap in which they cease to do business.

Police believe 2 vehicle crashes involved heroin

Police believe 2 vehicle crashes involved heroin

A man police believe had ingested heroin careened off of Watts Road Wednesday morning and crashed into a light pole, according to a release.

The man was pinned inside his car for a significant amount of time while Madison Fire Department crews worked to get him out, officials said. The 24-year-old suffered serious leg injuries, but was listed in stable condition.

He is expected to be cited for operating while under the influence.

Police are also investigating a second traffic incident that happened Wednesday morning that they believe also involved heroin.

A 29-year-old man was taken to a hospital for observation after he nearly drove a vehicle into the side of a car wash in the 600 block of South Gammon Road around 11:40 a.m., according to the release.

Mayoral candidates debate racial disparity, crime, homelessness

Madison mayoral candidates Paul Soglin and Scott Resnick debated topics including racial disparity, crime, job creation and homelessness in Tuesday night’s debate hosted by WISC-TV3.

In the candidates’ only televised debate, fireworks erupted between Soglin and Resnick, with Soglin lecturing Resnick on his policy positions and using the term "lack of understanding" many times.

Resnick emphasized a new police station needs to be built and prioritizing a crackdown on gang activity, but Soglin said dollars spent on a new police station are unnecessary and money should go toward real racial disparity solutions like job creation.

Resnick said the key to dealing with racial disparity is spending $250,000 more on early childhood care, scholarships and city resources.

DOT: Verona Road construction to start back up next week

DOT: Verona Road construction to start back up next week

Construction work on Verona Road is scheduled to start back up again next week, according to a Wisconsin Department of Transportation release.

The construction work will be between the Beltline and Raymond Road and the frontage roads, officials said.

Crews will be finishing landscaping, restoration and other remaining work from last year’s construction project, according to the release. The work is expected to be done by late June.

Access to businesses and neighborhoods will remain open, officials said. The temporary roadway, or “Freeport Connection,” under Verona Road will permanently close Wednesday. The Southwest Commuter Path will remain open to pedestrians and bicyclists with periodic detours.

According to the release, the project is weather dependent and subject to change.

Police: Burglar takes $10,000 flute

A burglar broke into a near west side home and took a flute worth $10,000.

Madison police said the flute was taken on March 18 when someone forced open the front door of the home in the 4300 block of Hillcrest Drive while the owner was away.

Police provided an image of a similar flute in hopes that anyone with information about the stolen flute would call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.

Uncle believes Robinson took hallucinogenic drugs before shooting

Tony Robinson's uncle said he believe his nephew took hallucinogenic mushrooms shortly before he was shot and killed by a Madison police officer March 6.

Turin Carter told News 3 Robinson made a mistake because of his inexperience with the drug.

According to Carter, Robinson asked his grandmother Sharon Irwin to "cleanse" him earlier in the week.  Carter said Irwin burned sage and drew a bath with sea salt for her grandson the Wednesday before the shooting. However, he also confirmed Robinson was high on mushrooms the night he was killed by a Madison police officer.

Carter said he believes Robinson was using the hallucinogenic drugs to find his spiritual way.

He also wants to make sure the public understands he doesn't think the mushrooms are to be blamed for Robinson's death.